Kunstvlaai 2012 INexactly THIS

During the 2012 festival the ArtScience Interfaculty and Synergetica Lab present a series of multi-sensory performances, installations and works by students developed during the Spheriometrica Class.

Sphæræ will be in the school-yard, offering a full program of performances, and installations during the days of the festival, November 23rd - December 2nd.

With works by Valekriy (NL), Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand (BY/NL), Francisco López (NL/SP), Raphael Vanoli (NL), Nenad Popov & Erfan Abdi (NL), Barbara Ellison (NL), Paul Prudence (UK), Joost Rekveld (NL), and O.M.F.O. (NL).


ArtScience Interfaculty The ArtScience Interfaculty is an interdisciplinary bachelor and master program that fosters curiosity driven research as an approach for the making of art. The program considers art and science as a continuum and promotes the development of new art forms and artistic languages. The ArtScience Interfaculty is embedded in both the Royal Conservatoire and The Royal Academy for Fine Arts in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Cocky Eek's (NL) work has been revolving around lightweight spatial compositions and her favorite media are wind and air. This resulted in floating or flying experiments or large, voluminous pneumatic forms constructed to capture air. She creates environments that translate this material into a tangible experience of form and volume. Since 2005 she co-directs FoAM (Amsterdam) whose main focus in the last years has been the topic of human-plant inter-relationships.

Synergetica Lab Located in Amsterdam, Synergetica is an art-science laboratory, investigating photonics, fluid dynamics, acoustics, quantum chemistry and psychophysics. In addition to providing a platform for artists working in these domains, Synergetica serves as a curatorial and educational entity, disseminating interdisciplinary art works and art-science research.



by Nenad Popov (image) and Erfan Abdi (sound) (NL)

Slime Mold, Physarum Polycephalum, grows over the spherical screen, it’s shape governed by Belousov-Zhabotinsky-like reactions within its giant cell. //morphogenesis.eu //erfanabdi.com

Fri 23.11.12 18.00-18.45 Kunstvlaai / Sphæræ

10000 Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid

by Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand (NL)

The original proto-cell, a direct chemical ancestor of lipid membranes, soap film comprised the foam of the primordial prebiotic soup. The sensitive skin of a soap bubble is capable of swallowing laser light as if it were confined by a waveguide antenna. In this performance, bubble-trapped laser beams reveal the biomorphic molecular dynamics inside of soap film membranes. //portablepalace.com

Fri 23.11.12 18.45-19.30 Kunstvlaai / Sphæræ


Music of the Sphaerae

Gong Bath

by Valekriy (EST)
Gong bath

Music of the Sphaerae started with a swirling and resonating performance from the cold heartlands of Russia. In Gong Bath Valekriy took us back to the ancient days of the shamans performing in monolithic dome spaces. In similar fashion this percussionist wearved a tapestry of doors and passways along curved metalic planes.//gongsound.net

Sun 2.12.12 Kunstvlaai / Sphæræ

Drawing phantoms

by Barbara Ellison (IE)
Drawing phantoms

"Drawing Phantoms" is an entrancing sonic/physical performance using drawing to transform shapes on amplified surfaces exploiting this medium to manipulate the perceptual auditory image and to lure out sonic and visual phantoms. Despite the relentless repetition, the fascination comes from the phantom patterns that appear in the foreground and disappear randomly and spontaneously, shifting and repeating with repeated listening. //barbaraellison.com

Sun 2.12.12 Kunstvlaai / Sphæræ


by Francisco López (NL/SP)
10000 Peacock Feathers

One of Francisco Lopez‘s diagram sketches with a proposed arrangement for his remarkable miniature multi-channel system, studying different options for the Sphaerae bubble space. With this set-up he has minimal possible interference with anything else in the space. And ears surely feasted on this eathereally crackling and sparkling performance. Micro-immersion, was his portable premiere of a 20-channel compositionrunning from a USB-stick. //franciscolopez.net

Sun 2.12.12 Kunstvlaai / Sphæræ

Pneumatic Electric

by Raphael Vanoli (NL)
Pneumatic electric

Raphael Vanoli discovered by sneezing during a soundcheck that the electric guitar is also a wind-instrument. He landed in Sphaerae with a colorful collection of speakers set up like a city skyline at night, to make a landscape of pneumatic-electric sound. He was applauded by the amazed spectators and by the weathergods with a big hail-storm //knalpot.eu

Sun 2.12.12 Kunstvlaai / Sphæræ

Festival website: //kunstvlaai.nl